When I started this blog earlier last year, I’d have been personally amazed to think I would have gotten 100 posts under my belt so quickly. I’m thankful to everybody reading this, and, in the words of Stan Lee in Mallrats: “You keep readin’ ’em, I’ll keep writin’ ’em.’

That being said, what milestone event isn’t best marked by that last refuge of the migraine-y and overworked: the clip show. With that in mind, here are my ten favorite posts of the past 100.

10. On Serious Business and Daring to Be Stupid

Although I posted a semi-manifesto as a first post, this is more in line with my feelings on taking academia less seriously, taking geek culture more so, and being all Post-Structuralist up in the heezy.

9. Serious Funny Animal Parody and Satire-Cum-Reality

Seriously, dude looking for ninja turtles doing, well, something in the title, I’m going to call you out here and say you are gross. I know the world is a rainbow full of wonderful colors, but your color is gross, I’m sorry. They’re turtles! I don’t care how much you like them!

That being said, I liked being able to explore some commonalities and issues in the representations of both the Ninja Turtles and Cerebus.

8. Top Five Narm Movie Moments

I love these kinds of moments in movies (if my linking to any portion of Gigli back in my Thanksgiving post should attest.)

7. Five Most Heartbreaking Pixar Moments

Another example of me writing about the things I love and want to talk about.

6. Mary Sues, Original Characters (Do Not Steal,) and Identification

I do stray a bit from the whole “humanities scholarship” thing from time to time, but this is a great example of being a little bit Jameson in addition to being a little bit Harry Knowles.

5. A Brief Survey of Animated Women Who Ruined My Expectations for Relationships

Not going to lie, I was very angry when I wrote that. But it’s still funny and true.

4. It Came From the Four For a Dollar Bin

Best four bucks I ever spent.

3. Irony is No Longer Ironic

A repost, yes, but one of my favorite things I’ve ever written.

2. Oedipal Crisis and the Italian Plumber

When I was first figuring out ideas for this site, this was one of the first ones. I think it turned out rather nicely.

1. Five Best Joker Stories Ever

What, you were expecting something non-Batman related. This is, by the by, one of most searched things on the site, other than people looking for a certain lovely Iranian-born SNL cast member who I. Can’t. Stop. Mentioning.

Happy New Year and here’s to at least 100 more super-dorky moments, with some deconstruction where apropos.