I previously mentioned A Very Potter Musical while discuss the success of their Boy who Lived Darren Criss (better known as Blaine to Gleeks.) Criss wrote the music and lyrics, as well as pitched the concept, to the Team Starkid crew’s latest production, Starship, which he and Joe Walker apparently pitched as “The Little Mermaid meets Aliens.”

No surprise there.

This show manages to combine many of my loves, not limited to science fiction, puppetry, parody, and musical theater. Starship deals with a planet fulled of insects, and one in particular, Bug, who longs to be a (human) Starship Ranger, and doesn’t quite fit in with his fellow bugs. When a ship of Starship Rangers arrives, it seems like his chance might be here, only to have to deal with the inevitable interspecies warfare.

The puppetry work here is very detailed and well-performed, and the script is pretty sharp and funny overall. Standout performances for me were Lauren Lopez as the Velasquez-parody Lt. Taz and the rhotacism-heavy Bugette, and Meredith Stepien as the robotic Mega-Girl, but, really, I was very pleased watching this whole show, and I imagine any fans of sci-fi and/or musical theater will get a kick out of this too.

The entire show is available on Youtube, or for purchase on DVD on the Team Starkid website here.