For those unawares…

Personally, it’s hard for me to get to incensed about the news of a reboot over at DC, it’s not the first time DC has done this after all.

I’ve read some articles predicting some of the freedom this will bring will allow some bolder creative decisions to be made, and possibly entice new readers to what has been frankly a struggling medium. Whether that will happen or not remains to be seen, of course.

Some pro’s:
* Grant Morrison will be on Action Comics (a bold choice, but All-Star Superman was perhaps the strongest, most iconic, Man of Steel in recent memory. So I’m optimistic beyond my normal Morrison fanboy-ness. And Batman Inc. will continue, a sign the work he’s doing with that title isn’t going to be immediately retconed and handwaved the hell out of existence completely [cf. his run on New X-Men…])
* Kyle Rayner appears to have dodged another reboot-related-retcon, despite being increasingly redundant (especially after losing the Ion powers,) and avoiding a trend of being a forgotten replacement to a more popular and iconic version of the Legacy (most notably Ray Palmer returning to prominence as the Atom.) I was reading DC for a while before Zero Hour, so I had a bit of time with both Hal and Kyle, and I honestly like both of them (although my soft spot for Guy Gardner has grown larger and softer as I’ve gotten older.)
* A couple of these titles look actually readable. I also like how some of the Wildstorm and Vertigo stuff seems to be seeping into mainstream canon (Grifter[?!] of all people is getting an ongoing, along with Stormwatch, and John Constantine [it looks like] as a member of ‘Justice League Dark.’)

Some con’s:
* Rob Liefeld drawing Hawk and Dove (I know he has some history with the characters, but, the fact anybody will still seriously consider giving him work strikes me as laughable.)
* Speaking of Liefeld, the Teen Titans look like a 90’s fever dream.
Teen Titans #1
* I’m highly concerned of the 52 reboot titles, maybe 26 (or less) seem like they’ll be viable longterm.
* At the risk of being petty, some of the costume designs strike me as a little silly (or at least, they’ll probably seem dated in 10 years or so. Mr. Terrific and the aforementioned Titans seems especially egregious. As do Red Hood and the Outlaws. Is Red Arrow wearing a baseball cap?!)
* Also, in opposition to my “some of these titles look readable” argument, speaking even as a Batman and Green Lantern fan, how many Bat- and Lantern titles can they really realistically support (and variations of the Justice League, for that matter)? I’d rather see those spaces going to some other ideas that could stand some fresh exposure (off the top of my head: Doom Patrol, The Question, The Creeper, the Metal Men…)

But what do you think? Let me know in the comments!